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enterprise culture
the face of changing markets and rapidly changing industry, competition in the state, the survival and development need to be more flexible, strong, strong adaptability to the corporate culture. to this end, the company pursues "and different" culture, its characteristics and implications include the following -
passionately committed to our common faith and career, no matter what difficulties encountered in the development of faith to be strong, enterprising spirit to effectively combine the vision and reality
insight and grasp the opportunities brought about changes, challenge the limits, so that may be beyond the imagination, the establishment of industry-leading position
all of us have always firmly maintain the integrity of character and high professional ethics, comply with all applicable, to guide our business activities, laws and regulations
continuous improvement and strive for perfection, do not blindly go along with the previous, different opinions, to make better decisions, and listen to the next to accommodate different views and different views of the people live in harmony and mutual consultations
under the no-boundary approach in the management and act from time to time to explore and apply the best ideas, no matter where it came from, for ideals and operating efficiency are achieved
create a safe, trusted, friendly, free environment, promote automatic, autonomous, self-discipline to fully mobilize everyone's enthusiasm, initiative, responsibility and ingenuity, to celebrate the achievements of
respect for the individual, with an open spirit to accept different views and ideas, care about every employee's career, let them grow and realize their dreams
create a good team, a difficult time companion first thought is, solidarity and mutual support is the cornerstone of our goal to achieve
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